YOUR ‘ONE-STOP’ Professional Teeth Whitening TRAINING provider and Wholesale TEETH WHITENING EQUIPMENT Supplier.

Teeth Whitening Associates are Australasia’s #1 ‘one-stop’ provider of Professional Teeth Whitening Training for your NZCTWA Registered Practitioner Certification.

Wholesale supplier of powerful professional dental strength teeth whitening equipment, medical-grade Whitening Gels.

PLUS, wholesale supplier of affordable ‘ready to start’ Dentist Grade Teeth Whitening Business Start-Up packages that INCLUDE free training. 

AND, you can get all your Clinic Consumables from our convenient 24/7 online wholesale shop.

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Beyond II

LISTEN here, or Read below

What did you see first?
The missing tooth or missing eyebrow?

This is exactly why your WHITE smile is more important than any other appearance enhancement treatment.

Add teeth whitening to your beauty business menu or start your own independent teeth whitening business.

PLUS, you get everything you need to get going immediately, including enough ‘Professional Use Only’ whitening gel for your first 20-clients.

There is NO risk because 20 Clients @ $299 each will earn you $5,980

You also get full training and NZCTWA Registered Practitioner Certification.  See More>


We DO NOT sell whitening ‘Toys’, or ‘Salon Strength’ equipment. They disappoint and this taints our industry.

But, we DO however, for about the same cost including training, provide more powerful Registered Medical devices for safer, faster, whiter professional results.

What is more, your clients won’t suffer painful sensitivity, Gum irritation, or risk of irreversible enamel damage that plague many older systems.

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“The New Beyond® PAINFREE Ultrasonically Enhanced Teeth whitening treatment produces results so good; we don’t need photoshop”


Whitest Results in just 45-minutes.

And you can independently whiten the teeth of TWO clients at the same time. It is basically TWO machines in one.

The Beyond II ULTRA
Popular with Dentist Offices, Beauty Salons, Spas.

With PAIN FREE Ultrasonic Technology and Ionisation.

Matched with OSMO whitening Gel your clients suffer NO Sensitivity, Gum Irritation or Enamel damage that plague other systems.

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Whitest Results in just 36-minutes

And because of ULTRASONIC Technology you can use 60% less Whitening gel saving you hundreds. Safer too.

The POLUS Advanced ULTRA
Independently Voted By Dentist Advisor as the World’s Best In-Office Whitening System.

With PAIN FREE Ultrasonic Technology and Ionisation.

Matched with OSMO whitening Gel your clients suffer NO Sensitivity, Gum Irritation or Enamel damage that plague other systems.

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Professionals use professional use only medical-grade teeth whitening gels.


Because the best professional teeth whitening gels contain Medical Grade Hydrogen Peroxide, rather than cheap food grade peroxide.

PAIN FREE: Your clients can now enjoy a comfortable experience without pain from sensitivity, or ‘gum burning‘ (blanching), and without any risk of irreversible enamel damage that can plague other systems.

Available to our customers at Wholesale Prices from our online Wholesale Shop.

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Whitening Gels contain Medical Grade Peroxide


Based in New Zealand, Teeth Whitening Associates provide NZ’s only Professional Teeth Whitening Training Academy for new-comers to the teeth whitening industry.

The NEW ZEALAND COSMETIC TEETH WHITENING TRAINING ACADEMY (NZCTWTA) provides New Zealand’s only training curriculum endorsed by the New Zealand Cosmetic Teeth Whitening Association (NZCTWA) for NZCTWA Registered Practitioner Certification

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Consider a Professional Business Start Up Package:
It comes with all the Consumables, Facemasks, Gloves, Sanitising products etc. Everything you need* to get you earning from day-1.

PLUS, Professional training is Included FREE within ALL our Teeth Whitening Business Start-Up packages.

You get FREE Professional NZCTWA endorsed mentored Theory & Practical training for your NZCTWA Registered Practitioner Certification.
(Worth $2,955.50 incl. GST if bought separately)

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(Chair excluded, however, we have several types available from our Online Wholesale Shop)

Please Note:
‘Hands-on’ mentored training is a non-negotiable requirement for the New Zealand Cosmetic Teeth Whitening Association (NZCTWA) Registered Practitioner Certification.

The NZCTWA does not accept DVD, video link, instruction manuals and the like as Professional training.

Such ‘short-cuts’ are how costly mistakes are made, and Clients are potentially harmed due to Practitioner Ignorance.

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Your personal safety comes first

Teeth Whitening Associates Aestheticians are either experienced Dentists, Doctors or they are specialist professionally trained & Certified NZCTWA Registered Cosmetic Teeth Whitening Practitioners.

Our NZCTWA Registered Practitioners operate with the entire support of more than 200 Dentists, Chemists and global Teeth Whitening experts of the Beyond International and its Dentist Founder and Dental Director Dr. Jenny Shen, DDS

Authorised Distributors for Beyond Dental & Health Group

Teeth Whitening Associates are the New Zealand & Australia official distributor for the Beyond International who are indisputably the Worlds #1 innovator, manufacturer, and provider of high quality professional dental equipment and procedures.

Backed by more than 20-years experience, Beyond® is represented in more than 120 countries worldwide with more than 15 million satisfied clients

You can look as much as 10 years younger

A Teeth Whitening Associates whiter smile shows the world your youth, vitality and good health, all positive characteristics that can boost your self-confidence as well as supporting increased life opportunities.

You too can smile at the world with confidence

Get your whitest smile in just one relaxing hour – click here

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