NEW Business Start-up Package Opportunities.

Even if you have no experience you can get started with professional equipment, and professional training using the worlds most advanced ULTRASONIC Technology for FASTER & WHITER results than ever before.

The NEW Teeth Whitening Associates Professional Business Start-up Packages provide unique business opportunities for professionally-minded people wishing to become part of the Cosmetic Teeth Whitening Industry and use the worlds most advanced dental equipment. (We don’t sell ‘toys’)

Professional Business Start-up Packages come with FREE ‘hands-on’ professional training and all the on-going back-up support you want from NZ’s leading authority on Cosmetic Teeth Whitening.

And you save thousands buying at wholesale prices

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1/ Is it the latest Technology?
If it does not have Ultrasonic Technology it is old surpassed technology. Beware of old technology ‘dumping’.
2/ Can the machine be serviced in NZ rather than sent back to some overseas supplier at YOUR cost, often more than $NZD1,000?
3/ Are parts still available?
Parts for some older whitening lights are no longer available.
See Our Specialist Service Department 

4/ Does the supplier offer mentored professional training?
Note: Handbook, DVD, Video, YouTube etc training can be very DANGEROUS. It is how most costly mistakes are made.
5/ Is the Gel delivered to the Teeth directly, or by some outdated tray?
Tray delivery is probably the worse way of whitening teeth because gel can squish up onto gums causing gum irritation. Moreover, some tray delivery systems use foam strips that block the light from reaching teeth. This can produce a mottled effect to results.

Professional Training Course.

Your Opportunity to become a professionally respected NZCTWA Registered Cosmetic Teeth Whitening Practitioner

Our NZ COSMETIC TEETH WHITENING TRAINING ACADEMY offers a Professional Training Program that is the only Curriculum officially recognised by the New Zealand Cosmetic Teeth Whitening Association [NZCTWA] as qualifying start-up trainees for the opportunities of becoming trusted NZCTWA Members and Registered Practitioners.

After training you get all the on-going personal back-up support you want from NZ’s leading authority on Cosmetic Teeth Whitening.

Note: Because of the numerous teeth whitening systems, to qualify for training you must have your own Professional Strength Equipment, not some LED ‘toy’ you bought from the internet or non NZCTWA regulated supplier.

See Professional Dentist Strength Equipment
See Safer Practitioners 

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