Don’t be Duped by Photos

Beware of numerous internet sites that have duped thousands by using
creating unrealistic expectations.

See how Teeth Whitening Works

Don’t be duped by photoshopped photos.

The photos used on this page demonstrate how easy it is to embelish results.

Teeth Whitening Associates Guarantee that NONE of the results pictures on our website have been photoshopped.

Using the Worlds most advanced Professional System we don’t need to.

Therefore, we can promise you that there is NO OTHER SYSTEM that will cosmetically whiten your teeth MORE, including LED & LASER.

Independent Clinical tests prove it (Ref 1)

1. Patel A, Louca C, Millar BJ. An in vitro comparison of tooth whitening techniques on natural tooth color. British Dental Journal 2008:204(9):E15;discussions 516-7.
2. Sulleman M, Addy M, Mac Donald E, Rees JS. Journal of Dentistry 2004;32:295-9
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4. Matis BA, Mousa HN, Ecbert GJ. Clinical evaluation of bleaching agents of different concentration

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