Gel Strength Myth

Gel Strength Myth.

Just because a whitening gel has a higher HP strength does not make it whiten any better.

Tooth Bleaching is based upon the gels EFFICACY, that is, it’s ability to cause a desired effect.

Efficacy is a whitening system combination based upon EIGHT critical factors:

1/ HP%,

2/ Whether or not it is catalytically activated, (dual barrel)

3/ Whether or not it is hyper-photo excited, (dual barrel),

4/ Heat*,

5/ Strength of the Luminance (Lux) radiance from light,

6/ The time the gel is upon the teeth.

7/ Whether or not it is Ultrasonically stimulated

8/ Redox environment (Ions)

Both the Beyond Polus Advanced, and Beyond II light Accelerator devices incorporate new High power, Low heat LED technology, rather than old technology ‘cold blue light’ LED.

The slight raise of temperature causes the OSMO gel catalyst to work more effectively with the gel, without any discomfort to the client. In fact, the slight warmth from the device, rather than cold air that can cause over salivation, helps the client relax.

For Example.
The efficacy of the OSMO™ catalytically hyper-photo excited 6%HP whitening gel when used with Beyond Polus Advanced & Beyond II light accelerator devices produces results comparable with pure 35%HP. It also has the same efficacy as the catalyst activated MegaBrite 12%HP, but with less risk of sensitivity.

All higher HP% strength gels do is increase the risk of sensitivity, gum blanching and swollen lips.

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