Happiness Guarantee

We guarantee every treatment

In the main*, Teeth Whitening Associates will get your teeth to as white as they were before years of eating & drinking staining foods & beverages discoloured them. If you are under 50 your results will usually near the colour your teeth were when you were a late teenager.

Because not all teeth are created equal, nobody can predict results.

One thing you can be certain of is our world-leading system will always get your teeth as white as they will naturally go… whiter than LED or Laser.

However, in the unlikely event your teeth do not whiten AT ALL Teeth Whitening Associates Ltd will offer you either…

  1. One FREE treatment or
  2. Your Money Back.

* Unless your teeth have been stained by medications such as Tetracycline (antibiotics), or other introduced substances such as fluoride, metallic staining from tongue piercing and the like.

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