Why 12 – 20 Minute Teeth Whitening Treatment Times work best?

Treatment Times are based upon the Whitening Gel Cycles EFFICACY

(Efficacy is the capacity to produce an effect)

Long Treatment Time Cycles are Less Effective

1/ BEWARE of Companies who offer single 30-min treatment time cycles. It may save THEM time, and expensive whitening gels, however, because whitening gel becomes less effective (spent) for almost 10-minutes of a 30-minute treatment cycle, your teeth WILL NOT be as white as they could have been.

2/ Companies offering Long Chair time treatments usually have less effective teeth whitening equipment and have to compensate with longer treatment times which means you to waste time sitting for longer than you need to.

Our System is Scientifically proven to WHITEN BETTER and FASTER than EVERY other whitening system including LASER and LED. Ref 1 > See more

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Beware of Upselling Scams
“Non Peroxide” Whitening gels
‘Fast white’ promises


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1. Patel A, Louca C, Millar BJ. An in vitro comparison of tooth whitening techniques on natural tooth color. British Dental Journal 2008:204(9):E15;discussions 516-7.

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