SENSITIVITY – (Pulpitis)

A few people who have trouble drinking cold or hot drinks or eating ice cream can sometimes experience some mild sensitivity response to their Teeth Whitening procedure.

These cases are very rare, but can be uncomfortable for susceptible individuals and can last several days.

Scaling & Polishing your teeth prior to teeth whitening can increase the risk if hypersensitivity.

See Scaling & Polishing

Normally, such tooth sensitivity following the use of whitening products subsides within 12-24 hours. Such clients report relief from Ibuprofen (Nurofen) Tablets.

Where there is hypersensitivity a Pain Relief Gel such as ‘Orajel’ can provide immediate relief.

Sensitivity is generally not painful; clients with sensitive teeth say “it was more just a mild discomfort lasting just a few hours, but well worth it for their whiter teeth”.

Nevertheless, because we want to ensure your greatest comfort in our clinics as you relax and listen to soft music during the procedure, we take every precaution to help relieve any sensitivity

Using a Desensitising Tooth Paste
Desensitising Tooth Pastes such as Sensodyne® or sinilar can help make your teeth whitening more comfortable.

Clients using Sensodyne are usually sensitivity-free during and after their procedure, which is typically when clients with sensitive teeth can experience a degree of whitening-related sensitivity.

Further, our clients using Sensodyne were significantly more satisfied with their whitening experience.

Hence, we recommend that whitening patients brush with Sensodyne® or similar, two times a day prior to the whitening procedure.

Following your teeth whitening we recommended that you avoid consuming extremely hot or cold food or beverages for the first 24 hours following the procedure.

NOTE: Teeth Whitening Associates have no association with Sensodyne® or its manufacturers; TWA simply recommend Sensodyne® because it works as claimed by the manufacturer.
To Learn more about how Sensodyne works see Dentine_hypersensitivity
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