How ULTRASONIC Whitening works.

Ultrasonic Teeth Whitening.

Ultrasound technology has been proven by Dentists and Hygienists for scaling and polishing teeth.

Now this well established ultrasound technology has been adapted to speed up teeth whitening.

ULTRASONIC technology gently vibrates the whitening gel and staining particles trapped within the enamel of your teeth more than 21,000 times per second meaning you get FASTER and WHITER results than any other system on the planet. There is nothing else like it!

Faster, Whiter Teeth for longer.

This means your teeth can now be whitened in just 12 to 36-minutes using the POLUS® ULTRA Whitening Accelerator and the BEYOND II ULTRA together with our Ultrasoniclly compatible OSMOS® whitening gel.

No other Technology whitens teeth better and faster – there is nothing else like it.

Teeth Whitening Associates is the New Zealand supplier and BEYOND® endorsed professional trainer of this innovative advanced technology in the Southern Hemisphere.


Because ULTRASONIC technology does most of the work, 60% LESS whitening gel is required for whitest results compared to older LED systems.

This can save you hundreds off your operating costs each year.

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