The World’s Safest Whitening Gel

An Inconvenient Truth about whitening gel that can trap even the smartest Dentists.

Unless an HP enhanced whitening gel is chemically designed for light-activated acceleration you might as well put an LED torch into your mouth and expect teeth to whiten.

Truth is without the light activation catalyst, results will be much less than what they could be unless a much higher and unsafe level of Hydrogen Peroxide is used.

For example; Our OSMO 6% Hydrogen Peroxide whitening Gel when mixed with our patented photo-exciting catalyst via a patented DUAL BARRELL syringe with a special mixing tip will potentiate the effect of the gel to produce results comparable to a 580% more caustic 35% Hydrogen Peroxide.

Without Sensitivity, gum blanching or risk of enamel damage

What this means for you…

With lower strength, catalyst activated whitening gels there is very little risk of sensitivity when having the treatment; no burning gums, no swollen lips, no enamel damage or allergic reaction common with high strength peroxides.

The results are FAST, and amazing from 2 to 10 shades with our 36-minute in-chair treatment system

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